Tiarra Mukherjee
July 19, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Dr. Scholl’s sandals are good for your feet

Roll over, Hush Puppies, and tell Earth shoes the news. The latest retro footwear find is that other ’70s staple: Dr. Scholl’s beech-wood sandals. In the last three months no fewer than six fashion magazines have prescribed these good-for-your-calves clogs. And stars including Cindy Crawford, Ricki Lake, and Cybill Shepherd are already shuffling in step.

Created by a Chicago podiatrist and first widely marketed in America in 1968, the sandals disappeared in the mid-’80s, when the company decided to focus on foot-care products. But when sales of Hush Puppies took off thanks to a range of new colors, Dr. Scholl’s shoes were back in stride. According to marketing rep Lisa Hanly, this year’s supply has nearly been exhausted, and now, she says, ”we’re making ’em as fast as we can.” And snazzing ’em up as well: Just as Hush Puppies went beyond hangdog brown, the good Dr.’s next round will include all-new flashy hues like lemon, lime, and tangerine. But the biggest sign Dr. Scholl’s have come up in the world? They’re no longer sold on a drugstore shelf next to Odor Eaters. Instead, they’re beating a path to trendy boutiques (where they sell for $25 to $32) and stores like Urban Outfitters. Says Camella Ehlke, whose 555-Soul shops in New York City and L.A. carry them, ”They’re schleppy, comfortable, and, with a thrift-store look, they’re an obvious accessory.” Quite a fashion foothold.

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