More entertainment news from July 19 |


More entertainment news from July 19

''The Lost World'' and the Monkees make the news this week

World Beat: The newly resurgent Izod alligator could face extinction next summer thanks to a distant relative: the dinosaur. Eager to push The Lost World — Steven Spielberg’s sequel to his $357 million-grossing Jurassic Park — Universal and Amblin Entertainment want to launch a reptile-inspired line of high-tech clothing to coincide with the movie. ”This is the event film of 1997,” gushes Jim Klein, president of Universal consumer products. ”We’re planning the biggest promotional support of all time, and we’re looking for more than the same old stuff.” Klein recently hosted an L.A. fashion show for potential licensees to parade prototypes of World duds. According to Klein, manufacturers and department stores have been receptive but no deals have been inked.

Monkee Do: Since Monkees reunions are about as common as alien sightings along Area 51, there’s nothing newsy about the Monkees’ recording again. The difference this time, however, is that Mike Nesmith, who has refused to participate in any Monkee business since 1969, has finally come aboard. The Prefab Four — Nesmith along with Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Peter Tork — recently got together in Nashville to write, produce, and play their own instruments for an upcoming Rhino Records release. ”Doing the album gave us a lot of satisfaction and a sense of brotherhood,” says Jones. And though in the past it was always ”Davy’s the cute one, Mike’s the serious one, Micky’s the wacky one, and Peter’s the shy one,” Jones says the quartet are finally equal. ”We ate lunch and dinner together for a month, and we all put up a quarter share of the tab each time. Nobody was in charge, nobody was inferior.” Daydream believers, all over again.