EW Staff
August 09, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Q The U.S. swim team has dominated the Olympics in all but one event — swimsuit size, in which it has come up short. In brief, are the U.S. men’s racing suits getting smaller?

A Contrary to some very visible evidence — did you see gold medalist Tom Dolan? — the suits have not shrunk recently. ”The basic men’s brief has stayed the same for the last eight years,” says Stu Isaac, VP of team sales for Speedo, which outfits most of the U.S. swim team. ”Some of the guys just squeeze into small sizes.” Matt Farrell, a spokesman for the team, says there are competitive reasons for the tight packaging: ”Some swimmers go down two or three sizes for hydrodynamics. They don’t want water to get in to slow them down.” How revealing.

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