David Poland
August 16, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Soup Nazi, the New York City cook with a pot of ambrosia and a heart of stone, is on his summer vacation. But his influence, which peaked after he was featured in the Nov. 2, 1995, episode of Seinfeld, is still as potent as a bowl of his turkey chili.

Actor Larry Thomas, who played the bread-denying souper on Seinfeld, and scriptwriter Spike Feresten both earned Emmy nominations. But it’s not just Jerry’s kids who are cashing in on the kettle of bisque. ESPN SportsCenter anchor Reece Davis now uses the show’s taunt ”No soup for you” as his signature call (as in ”The ball’s hit deep to center, Kenny Lofton goes back, leaps — no soup for you!”). And there’s also a fan-run site on the Web (http://members.aol.com/rynocub/soupnazi.htm). There’s even a rival: restaurateur Pak Melwani just opened Manhattan’s Soup Nutsy. Melwani claims he ”wasn’t aware of Seinfeld or this fellow.”

Alas, Al Yeganeh, the real Soup Nazi — who hates his nickname and Seinfeld — has reportedly ignored a chowder pot of offers to publish his recipes. In other words: No soup book for you!

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