Grapejam |


From the producers of the hit Web soap The Spot comes what they’re billing as the first Web sitcom. But since the only laugh so far is the video of a guy cussing out his dog, this is more sit than com. The gimmick: A group of groovy-looking twentysomethings who met in a college improv group called Grapejam now try to maintain a semblance of togetherness through this website. But the navel-gazing daily mini-dramas aren’t yet engaging, and the site has all the organization of your mother’s attic. Where Grapejam excels is in its use of web widgets: QuickTime movie clips, virtual chat, goofy Shockwave-animated games, and a ”Grape Cam” that promises live improvisation. It’ll be interesting to see if these Grapes can squeeze out some laughs when pressed. B-