Daneet Steffens
September 13, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Cleverly opening with a faux cover from a dog-eared dime novel, this installation on the webzine Word re-creates a six-week expedition into the Amazon Basin undertaken by artists Bob Braine, Mark Dion, and Alexis Rockman. It evokes the trip through their journals, photos, paintings, and maps — accompanied by the Peter Gabriel-meets-the-darkest-jungle music of Karthik Krishna Swaminathan and animated insects that scurry across the pages. Follow the explorers on Guyana as they encounter piranhas and psychedelic toxic caterpillars, pop raw garlic to ward off mosquitoes, and remind themselves to ”make sure to write about the bugs that sound like somebody swinging a blender on high speed around their head on a rope.” Along the way, they also make a compelling case against environmental abuse. But when you join them, don’t forget your insect repellent. A

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