Erika Milvy
September 27, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Tongue-tied when it comes to romance? Then let the ol’ impresario of love write a missive to your sweetheart or, alternatively, have him help you dump the jerk or jerkette. Just provide Cyrano Server a few words (adverbs, body parts, emotions, an item of clothing), select a style from a pull-down menu (steamy, surreal, and desperate are among the choices), and the man of letters with the infamous protuberance (actually a computer program sponsored by Nando.Net) will wax lyrical. You can also embellish with graphics, animation, and sound effects — a laugh, a roller-coaster roar, even, ugh, a gunshot — making this humble yet efficient site a great way to spice up an E-mail affair. B+

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