Gary Eng Walk
October 18, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

From its dark Victorian museum interface (perfect for a Halloween party) to the excavation site beneath it, this CD-ROM will appeal even to those who don’t know a T. Rex from a velociraptor. Like other DK Multimedia discs (on cats and birds, for instance), Dinosaur Hunter is chockful of facts and figures, detailed animations, illustrations, videos, and 3-D models, but its piece de resistance is the mine shaft where you can unearth dino femurs and mandibles, date them, assemble a ‘saur, and then watch it come to life and amble around the halls. The disc, which includes a book and a build-it-yourself cardboard model of a Stegosaurus, will make you want to join an expedition to the Gobi, the site of some of the most extraordinary recent finds. A

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