Jessica Shaw
October 18, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Salty breezes now for sale

Seinfeld‘s Kramer fancies himself a Thomas Edison of our time, spawning such wacky ideas as the manzier (or bro), the coffee-table book about coffee tables, and a perfume that smells like a day at the beach. Who ever thought one such concept would cross over into the real world? Two years after a Seinfeld story line had Michael Richards’ spastic alter ego pitching a sea-scented perfume to Calvin Klein, Giorgio Beverly Hills has launched Ocean Dream. But Kramer shouldn’t call lawyer Jackie Chiles yet. ”It’s just coincidental,” says Jacqueline Steinberg, Giorgio’s VP of corporate marketing communications. ”We got the idea from talking to women. It was a good idea that was waiting to happen.” Indeed. Since its debut in July, the sand-and-surf scent ($57.50 for 3 ounces) has become one of the country’s top 10 fragrances. Even more bizarro, Steinberg says the company contacted Richards about being a consultant. ”He never accepted our offer, but he did think it was funny.”

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