Alexandra Jacobs
October 25, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”There are no toupees for eyebrows,” sagely counsels Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face. Yes, unlike some of her supermodel brethren, the ever-practical Crawford has shied away from roman a clef and record album alike, producing instead a primer on matters cosmetic. We took a moment to brush up.

The design of the book suggests Madonna’s Sex — intentional?
No. The spiral [binder] was because we wanted the book to lie flat, like when you’re cooking. The Mylar is to recollect a mirror.

What’s ”power” makeup?
Like armor; a physical barrier between you and other people. Finished, powdered, very perfect. Flawless. Impenetrable.

Who has the better makeup artist, Bill Clinton or Bob Dole?
Dole is a lot older and still looks pretty good. His makeup artist probably has to work harder. It’s really gross when you see makeup on men… less is more in those cases.

Any tales from the high-fashion greasepaint trenches?
Kevyn Aucoin’s makeup is art. But one time he tweezed all my eyebrows out and filled them in. When I left the studio I didn’t notice. When I got home and washed my face… I freaked out.

So what do you have on your face right now?
Just got out of the bathtub, so nothing. My face is dry because I just got off an airplane, so I need a little moisturizer.

What are you going to be for Halloween?
I don’t know. Actually, I’m going to be on Jay Leno.

What were you last year?
I was, embarrassingly enough, doing press for Fair Game, so I was nothing, but this year I do have to come up with something. Any ideas?

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