Stacie Stukin
October 25, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

In showbiz, you don’t have to have power to sound like you do. Here are the latest buzzwords that separate the elite from the chaff.

below the radar bi-‘lo the ‘ra-,’dar adj Relating to the absence of a former power broker. (”I haven’t seen him in months. He’s below the radar.”)

idiocracy ‘id-e-ak-r*-se n Self-deprecating term used by television writers when they take a job scripting a schlocky show. (”For $20,000 a week, I’ll do this idiocracy.”)

juice ‘jus n Clout. (”You make the reservation. You have the juice.”)

loser dust ‘lu-z*r ‘d*st n Toxic substance covering actors or actresses who repeatedly have a shot at stardom but who always miss the mark. (”We can’t cast him. He’s got loser dust sprinkled all over him.”)

LPC ‘LPC or low power curve ‘lo pau(-*)r ‘krv n A condition that strikes a Hollywood event or party with less-than-stellar guests. (”I wouldn’t be caught dead at that Cops and Robbersons 2 premiere — LPC.”)

NBF ‘NBF or new best friend ‘n(y)u ‘best ‘frend n 1: A business associate who reveals intimate details about his personal life in hopes of endearing himself to close a deal. 2: The latest hot commodity. (”Matthew McConaughey is my NBF.” Note: This most likely means no interpersonal communication transpired but you spent Friday night in the same room with the actor.)

non-pro n*n-‘pro n Spouse or significant other who is not in the industry. This can be a liability or incite jealousy.

out of the business ‘aut of the ‘biz-n*s,-n*z adj Relating to a studio executive’s panic attack when the number of his phone calls decreases or when he is not privy to the latest hot spec script. (”That’s it. I’m out of the business. My career’s over.”)

power shvitz ‘pau(-*)r shvits n Gathering of CAA agents at the Beverly Hot Springs for a good sweat and a little shiatsu.

showrunner sho-‘r*n-*r n Executive producer who’s achieved carte blanche in the television business by gaining network trust.

yes person ‘yes p*rs*n n Executive who has the power to greenlight a project. (”He’s not a yes person, so taking a meeting is futile.”)

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