Ken Tucker
November 08, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Early Edition

TV Show
Current Status
In Season
Kyle Chandler, Fisher Stevens

We gave it a C

That nice Kyle Chandler from Homefront is such a likable sweetie that he almost makes Early Edition watchable. Chandler plays a guy who, for no known reason, is sent the morning paper a day early, enabling him to tip others off to crimes and disasters that’ll happen 24 hours later. This light supernatural premise yields Touched by an Angel-style drama, as Chandler enters people’s lives, helps them, and then shambles off, wondering why he’s been given this early-edition gift. (The paper Chandler receives is the Chicago Sun-Times, so occasionally Sun-Times movie crit Roger Ebert’s round mug grins from the front page.) Chandler’s charm is showcased very well, but Fisher Stevens, who plays a scoffing, wiseacre pal, is just annoying.

CBS has cannily scheduled this new show right after Dr. Quinn, and Early Edition‘s gentle ethereality has attracted enough family viewers to land it in the top 20. Nevertheless, Early Edition is so genially ludicrous, it makes the Windy City look like Fantasy Island. C

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