Alexandra Jacobs
December 13, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

The Making of Evita

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Alan Parker
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We gave it an C-

Releasing the how-we-did-it story before a flick is even in theaters smacks a bit of self-promotion. Even if we shelve that objection to Alan Parker’s The Making of ”Evita”, however, others arise: the fat price tag versus its slim heft (about 100 pages); the captioning of movie stills as if they were the actual historical events (thus sun-dappled, gorgeously attired extras become ”The populist insurrection of October 17, 1945”); the whiff of exasperated condescension toward the Argentinean and Hungarian locations (director Parker calls modern Buenos Aires architecture ”hideous and mindless”). It’s impossible to judge the performances from pictures, though a shot of Madonna captioned ”Eva collapses while receiving communion” looks a lot like her Versace ad from about a year ago. La Ciccone’s take? ”When I’m a very old woman…maybe I won’t want to get out of my rocking chair and go to the movies. Maybe I’ll just want to look at the book. Maybe you will, too.” Maybe not. C-

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