Steve Simels
December 13, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Thunderball isn’t the silliest Bond, but it is the first in which style overwhelms content: The plot (a mad genius subjects the free world to nuclear blackmail) is so preposterous and the action (a climactic hand-to-hand fight between underwater armies) so over-the-top that nearly every mindless action flick of the last 20 years has tried to match it. Nevertheless, it remains an impressive spectacle. This new, deluxe wide-screen version, struck from a virtually flawless print, serves up Dolby Digital Surround sound along with an overwhelming number of bonuses — making-of documentaries, two audio tracks of commentary from the filmmakers, etc. The pick of the litter: Dionne Warwick singing the inexplicably discarded original title song, ”Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” B+

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