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December 27, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Henry David Thoreau. Ralph Nader. Woody Harrelson? This year the former Cheers bumpkin transformed himself into the kingpin of celebrity activists. In fact, he’s been so civilly disobedient, it’s hard to keep track of his crusades. See if you can distinguish the true acts of Woody from the ones we made up.

(A) Withheld $10,000 in taxes to protest the government’s logging policy.

(B) Sent E-mail to Bill Clinton: ”You don’t have [to] inhale hemp to enjoy it.”

(C) Sponsored a contest for grade-school kids for best hemp-related essay.

(D) Hung off the Golden Gate Bridge to demand protection of the redwood forests. Was later arrested for trespassing, being a public nuisance, and failing to obey a peace officer.

(E) Held a college competition in Madison, Wis., for best solar-powered air-conditioning unit.

(F) Rode bicycle up the steps of Lincoln Memorial, demanding stricter air-quality standards.

(G) Sent a letter mocking the archbishop of Canterbury after the religious leader condoned disciplining a child with a ”gentle slap.” It read: ”How long [do] I have to wait before I can start slapping my newborn?”

(H) Handcuffed himself to a rack of Kathy Ireland blouses at an L.A. Kmart to protest sweatshop conditions.

(I) Arrested for possession of hemp seeds, after planting four of them in Beattyville, Ky., to protest the crop’s illegal status.

— A.J. Jacobs


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