Steve Simels
April 25, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Like a lot of people, I had problems with Oliver Stone’s overheated biopic about the most pretentious great band of the ’60s, The Doors. Yet to the director’s credit, he gives plenty of dissenters — including Jim Morrison’s sort-of wife, Patricia Kennealy — the chance to vent their criticisms within this deluxe disc edition. Though the packaging reaches astounding heights of wanton indulgence (who needs the multiple hologram of Val Kilmer on the cover?), there’s meat under the trimmings: an exceptionally good-looking wide-screen transfer, a 1991 featurette, Stone’s audio commentary, and a brand-new making-of documentary with lots of amusingly bitchy stuff. Best moment: Actor Frank Whaley, after being informed that everyone is to call Kilmer ”Jim,” confesses that he called him ”a–hole” instead. ”I think,” Whaley deadpans, ”it improved his performance.” A-

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