Entertainment news for April 25, 1997 | EW.com


Entertainment news for April 25, 1997

Fashion Week made headlines this week

IN VOGUE Attending New York’s fashion week — held April 5-11 — celebrities like Will Smith, Courtney Love, and Bette Midler were witnesses to a very happy wake. Much to everyone’s delight, the rage for retro clothing appears to be dying. ”There’s been so much wild colors and ’70s polyester prints. Everyone’s tired of that,” says front-row frequenter Jennifer Tilly. Instead, these trends for fall ruled the runways:

Suiting up: Menswear for women is back, but it’s not as literal as Annie Hall and her neckties. Isaac Mizrahi debuted his man-tailored suits, while Calvin Klein sent gray flannel wide-leg pants down the catwalk. ”Sometimes you just don’t want to compete with the little sexy dress,” says new MTV House of Style host Daisy Fuentes.

Neon, move on: Designers are getting back to basic colors. Dominating the runways were shades of gray, black, red, and so much brown that designers were forced to invent J. Crew names for it, like fudge (Cynthia Steffe), dusk (Badgley Mischka), and bracken (Mark Eisen).

Tough chic: Michael Kors’ studded dresses, leather miniskirts, and the steel-tipped high heels at Versus evoked what Lauren Holly described as ”a very rock & roll look. It’s kind of fun, a little casual.”

Alexis lives: The one retro holdover is the return of the ’80s (big shoulder pads at Carolina Herrera), but critics are swooping in. Says Tilly: ”You have real bad flashbacks to Dynasty.”


“We kissed. I kiss my baby. I kiss gay guys. I mean — puhleeze — did they see a tongue down the throat or something? It was a friendship kiss. Look in my eyes. I am not a lesbian.” —Bad-girl model Kristen McMenamy on her public smooch with Courtney Love after the Versus show