Entertainment news for April 25, 1997 | EW.com


Entertainment news for April 25, 1997

Joe Boxer made the headlines this week

ICE, ICE, BABY Staging one of the most far-flung, far-out fashion events ever, Joe Boxer, the San Francisco underwear company, closed fashion week with a runway presentation on the volcanic island of Iceland. How do you put on a show near the Arctic Circle? Start by spending upwards of a quarter of a million dollars: Joe Boxer flew in 160 people, primarily press and photographers, on an Icelandair jet with a handpicked, beautifully blond flight crew. Next, attempt to book Bjork: ”We tried 50 different ways to get her, but she’s working on her album,” says designer and company CEO Nick Graham, who settled for the Icelandic pop star’s mother, Hildur Hauksdottir, as a guest. Oh, don’t serve puffin, Iceland’s answer to Chicken McNuggets: ”Fast-food puffin, my God, that’s horrible,” says Pacific Palisades’ Finola Hughes, the lone star on the 36-hour trip. Then redesign the corporate logo: Lickey, Boxer’s smiley-face symbol, sprouted Viking horns for the special occasion. Of course, find a government eager to promote tourism: Iceland’s president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, hosted a reception at his private residence. To top it off, put some of the most gorgeous people in the world in underwear: With the male and female models all changing together backstage, ”it was very exciting,” says Stefan Gudjonsson, who walked the runway. It’s not for nothing that Graham jokingly refers to himself as the company’s CPO, too: ”That’s Chief Promotional Officer.”