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Summer Movie Preview

A look into what the box office has in store for summer 1997

Once again, Hollywood wants to stuff your summer with cataclysm: a catastrophic caravan of dinosaurs on the loose, boats and planes hurtling toward uncertain fates, aliens bent on turning Earth into a crispy ball of falafel, and a whole bunch of good-looking movie stars playing rocket scientists. So, you might ask, what makes this summer different from all the rest? How about the prospect of real doom and destruction? With the studios serving up nearly a dozen films whose budgets, with marketing costs, cross the $100 million mark, it’s not just the survival of the world at stake — it’s the survival of Tinseltown itself. As you’ll see in our comprehensive guide, 1997 marks the make-or-break year for the high-stakes studio stratagem known as the Event Movie. And if too many of these expensive Events go kablooey, well, the studio executives will be living the disasters