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Ulee's Gold

Peter Fonda plays a taciturn beekeeper struggling to keep his family together


Starring Peter Fonda, Patricia Richardson, Christine Dunford, Jessica Biel

Director Victor Nunez

Opens June 13

When Nick Nolte turned down the movie, Fonda stepped into the lead role, a taciturn beekeeper struggling to keep his family together. Since the character is more conservative than Fonda’s usual choices, off went the actor’s shoulder-length locks.”My God, it’s taken 10 years off my life,” says Fonda, 58, who wondered whether he’d be believable as a grandfather. ”Fortunately, my beard came in white, and I wore my glasses to magnify the wrinkles that I do have.” Director Nunez (Ruby in Paradise) saw another transformation once Fonda stepped before the camera; memories of Easy Rider’s Captain America gave way to images of Fonda’s late father, Henry. Says the director, ”I’d be shocked by the double image of Peter and a ghost.” UPSIDE A career-resuscitating performance by Fonda could trigger a Lone Star-like hit. DOWNSIDE Despite the Fonda pedigree, the quiet, meditative film is unsummerish even by indie standards.