Addicted to Love

Genre: Comedy, Romance; Starring: Matthew Broderick, Kelly Preston, Meg Ryan, Tcheky Karyo, Dominick Dunne, Maureen Stapleton; Director: Griffin Dunne; Author: Robert Gordon (Writer); MPAA Rating: R

Wearing heavy dark eye shadow that makes her look like a blond racoon, latter-day Doris Day Meg Ryan is ludicrously miscast as a tough-talkin’ biker chick in this distasteful romantic comedy. Ryan hooks up with a hayseed astronomer (Matthew Broderick, coasting on his charm) so they can spy on their respective, romantically entwined exes (Tcheky Karyo and Kelly Preston). Addicted to Love commits the cardinal sin of too many modern movies: It never gives the audience a clue why any of these people were ever attracted to one another in the first place. First-time director Griffin Dunne cribs eye-catching visual tricks from Martin Scorsese (who directed him in 1985’s After Hours), but there’s only so much he can do with a twisted script that should’ve been called Stalkers: A Love Story. D+

Originally posted May 30 1997 — 12:00 AM EDT

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