Entertainment news for May 30, 1997 | EW.com


Entertainment news for May 30, 1997

Michael Jackson made headlines this week

KING OF THE POP Michael Jackson’s HIStory tour is about to become his Mystery Tour. For the first time since taking the Pepsi challenge in 1984, Jackson has agreed to endorse a new soda. This time it’s Mystery Drink, a new beverage from German manufacturer Mystery Drinks GmbH. Already on sale in parts of Europe, the fruit-flavored health drink will become available in Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere as Jackson embarks on the second leg of his concert series May 31. According to Udo Schaar, head of PR at Mystery Management (a tour sponsor), the King of Pop not only agreed to help sell the drink but also had a hand in its recipe. ”At Michael’s request, we didn’t put anything artificial in it,” says Schaar. But don’t look for Mystery Drink at your local 7-Eleven, unless Jackson decides to make HIStory in the U.S.: ”If the tour will go on,” says Schaar, ”we will be there.”