EW Staff
May 30, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Although Elaine and George have capriciously dumped suitors (the latter, once, because of a girlfriend’s fondness for the phrase ”Happy, Pappy?”), Jerry is the King of the Idiosyncratic Heave-Ho — or at least the Passive-Aggressive Recoil. Herewith, the list so far; keep your eyes peeled for updates:

· For not laughing at all
· For laughing too strangely
· For having bad taste in commercials
· For having man hands
· For appearing to own only one dress
· For being too altruistic
· For not kissing on the third date
· For possibly having fake breasts
· For not giving him a massage
· For not tasting his pie
· For shushing him in front of the TV
· For suggesting he share her toothbrush
· For having been with (and getting dumped by!) Newman
· For being his soul mate
· For being liked by his parents
· For eating peas one at a time

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