Pat H. Broeske
June 06, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Call it a case of Poison Ivy: Lately, two anticipated summer movies — the big-budget actioner Batman & Robin and the low-budget drama Cop Land — are itching from a rash of contagious rumors. Reports have been flying, primarily on the Internet, that Batman director Joel Schumacher called back his swarm of heroes and villains — who include George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman — for 11th-hour reshoots, supposedly due to poor test screenings. But Schumacher insists the gossip is nothing more than a heap of guano. ”We got good numbers,” he says. ”There have been absolutely no reshoots.” The director blames the Bat blather on ”an unpoliced Internet. There’s a small cult that would like the movies to be nihilistic and brooding,” he notes. ”But Batman is for everyone from 3 to 300. It’s my job to find the proper comic-book tone.”

Meanwhile, in a smaller precinct of Gotham, another crime fighter — Sylvester Stallone — is also battling reshoot rumors. Though a Miramax spokeswoman admits the James Mangold-directed Cop Land is planning ”minimal additional shooting,” she says it will neither affect the film’s Aug. 1 opening — nor require Stallone to regain any of the 35 pounds he packed on for the role. Says one source: ”What we’re talking about are minor shots, things that can be done from over the shoulder, or to one side. He won’t be required to look any heavier.” Might as well enjoy those Planet Hollywood openings.

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