Alex Abramovich
July 18, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Do you get all shook up at the thought of big, sweaty men who just want to be your teddy bear? Or remember the minutest details of where you were on Aug. 16, 1977 (the day Elvis died)? Maybe you feel a burning desire to sing ”Polk Salad Annie” before a room full of strangers? If so, you just might enjoy Rubinkowski’s 301-page account of life among the sideburned set, Impersonating Elvis — men and women who have turned the sincerest form of flattery into a way of life. But if you’re a disbeliever — the type who finds grown men with surgically enhanced sneers and very tight pants a trifle embarrassing — chances are you’ll find this surprisingly shallow book to be a big hunk o’ somethin’ less than love. C

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