Rob Brunner
July 18, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Music directors at three radio stations chat about their top tunes and pick hits to come.

JohnBoy Crenshaw, WCOL, Columbus, Ohio (Country) · ”Carrying Your Love With Me,” George Strait: ”He’s one of the most consistent hitmakers of the last 15 years, and this one’s no exception. There’s a reason he wins all those CMA awards.” · ”It’s Your Love,” Tim McGraw with Faith Hill: ”They’re married, they have a child; the magic of their relationship is matched perfectly to this song.” · ”The Swing,” James Bonamy: ”It’s a little bit different with its predominant fiddle. He’ll be a big star here.” One to Watch: ”Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa,” Noel Haggard: ”This is one I wish would be a hit. He’s one of Merle’s sons. A nice, well-crafted piece of music.”

Albie Dee, WPGC, Washington, D.C. (Top 40/Urban) · ”I’ll Be Missing You,” Puff Daddy and Faith Evans: ”It’s definitely a song they’ll consider for a Grammy. Right now anything Puffy does turns to gold.” · ”Stomp,” God’s Property: ”From the first spin this thing blew up. It sounds like George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars.” · ”Mo Money Mo Problems,” The Notorious B.I.G.: ”It’s one of those records that people turn up when they hear it on the radio. The key to Puffy [the song’s producer] is that he makes great hooks.” One to Watch: ”All Cried Out,” Allure (featuring 112): ”It’s an old Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam song. It was huge the first time, and these girls sound as good, if not better.”

Nic Harcourt, WDST, Woodstock, N.Y. (Alternative) · ”Let Down,” Radiohead: ”Nothing after ‘Creep’ did that well at radio. This album’s probably even less radio friendly, but it could go. They’re a cool band.” · ”Cheapskate,” Supergrass: ”Just a great, summery pop song, a catchy little tune.” · ”Are You Out There?” Dar Williams: ”It’s about being alienated and feeling like s— and connecting with the radio.” One to Watch: ”Walkin’ on the Sun,” Smash Mouth: ”It sounds like a Brit-pop thing but they’re from San Jose. It’s got a retro-pop vibe to it.”

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