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This week in Hollywood

Director changes for ''Gloria'' and Carrie Fisher made movie news this week

STONE CODE Scott Kalvert (The Basketball Diaries) remains mum on his abrupt departure from Sharon Stone’s remake of John Casavetes’ 1980 tough-gal thriller Gloria (”creative differences” is all his agent will allow). However, Kalvert’s replacement, Sidney Lumet — who led Stone’s friend Faye Dunaway to an Oscar in Network and who will begin shooting Gloria in New York in October — is already getting two thumbs up from the star. ”It was always a dream of mine to work with Sidney Lumet,” says Stone. ”So much so that it became a code between me and my friends. They would ask, ‘How’d it go?’ and I’d say, ‘No Sidney today.”’ As they say in Hollywood: When Sharon Stone’s happy, nobody gets hurt.

FURTHERMORE Movie script doctor extraordinaire Carrie Fisher will be spending more time on TV; she just signed to create new shows for Universal’s small-screen division…The English Patient has made $225 million, Miramax Films’ largest worldwise gross to date…and judging from overseas box office reports, the French are keen on Speed 2: Cruise Control.