Benjamin Svetkey
August 15, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

From the Trends We Miss department: A few years ago, the adult-video industry parodied Hollywood movie titles with frequent aplomb (Hannah Does Her Sisters, In and Out of Africa). But a recent search through our local X-rated section yielded only one new spoof: Dante’s D—. ”The trend does seem to be waning,” says Mark Kernes, features editor for Adult Video News. One reason: the 1992 Splatman, a Batman homage complete with superheroes in black rubber outfits. Warner Bros. filed suit against Splatman‘s distributor, Hip Video, thereby, according to Kernes, making other distributors more aware of the complicated legal issues separating parody and copyright infringement. According to Kernes, ”Dante’s D— doesn’t have a volcano in it.”

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