Degen Pener
August 22, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Under the frosting of Jennifer Aniston’s strikingly fashion-filled romantic comedy Picture Perfect lies a tart message. ”We dress for the job we want, not for the job we have,” advises a colleague of Aniston’s character, Kate. So Kate dumps her funky look for fast-track attire (Audrey Hepburn shifts, Prada snakeskin shoes). ”It was fun to be corporate,” says Aniston. Kate’s grandest upgrade: a green lace number (below). ”The fabric cost $28,” says the film’s costumer, Jane Robinson. ”The little [Erickson Beamon] bag was $460.”

By the end, though, Kate’s true tastes — including a colorful Missoni-style shirt — return. The filmmakers, says Robinson, ”wanted her to start withdrawing from her corporate image when she goes back and finds the man she loves.”

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