Shirliey Fung
September 12, 1997 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Diana’s death has thrown into question several projects dealing with the princess and the paparazzi, and though the contest between good taste and crass profit has always been predictable, it has never been more keen.

In the U.K., the release of the 1997 film That Old Feeling has been delayed because one of its characters is a paparazzo who had stalked a star played by Bette Midler. Meanwhile, plans are still on to bring out the Australian movie Diana & Me, starring Toni Collette as a Di fanatic who teams with a tabloid photographer to meet the princess.

In the U.S., NBC has restored the original tabloid setting of Tea Leoni’s The Naked Truth, featuring several paparazzi, for the new TV season. It won’t comment on the possibility of any further retooling.

On the other hand, at least one U.S. publisher is scrambling to reissue a book about the princess. Simon & Schuster says it will soon publish a commemorative edition of Andrew Morton’s 1992 Diana: Her True Story with an updated introduction. And Warner Books is moving ahead with plans to release celeb trasher Kitty Kelley’s The Royals later this month. ”This isn’t a hit on Diana,” claims a spokeswoman for the book. ”It’s a history of the Windsor family. Diana is a major figure in the book, but she is not the focus.”

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