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What to Watch

A day-to-day guide to notable programs (times are Eastern daylight and are subject to change)

Monday October 13

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV-PG) Worf attempts a rapprochement with his estranged son after seeing him sign on to a Klingon warship. *Check Local Listings

Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS, TV-PG-L) So much for setting an example: Ray encourages Ally to continue her piano studies with his annoying mom by doing the same.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (The WB, TV-PG) And you thought Animal House was out of control: Cordelia and Buffy go to a frat party and end up as sacrificial offerings to a half-man, half-snake monster.

George & Leo (CBS, TV-PG) Leo resorts to desperate measures — like pawning some of George’s possessions — to prove his financial stability to his daughter.

Brooklyn South (CBS, TV-14-LV) Kersey happens upon some information that could clear Lowery’s name in a police-brutality investigation. Problem is, it points to her as the guilty party.

The Hired Heart (Lifetime, TV-PG) As an injured-woman-learns-to-love-again tale, Heart is unremarkable except for some downright creepy plot points. Widow Garnet Hadley (Penelope Ann Miller), under pressure from her father-in-law to resume dating, hires an escort (Brett Cullen) to pose as her boyfriend. Then things get weird. She falls for said escort, but not before bathing and shaving him as foreplay, then making him wear her dead husband’s clothing. Uh, whatever floats your boat. CKristen Baldwin

Tuesday October 14

Newsradio (NBC, TV-PG) Another Andy Dick field day, as his recently fired Matthew keeps showing up at the office in disguise. Dave, meanwhile, is worried that efficency expert Andrea has got it in for him.

Frasier (NBC, TV-PG) At Roz’s urging, Frasier agrees to make a celebrity appearance on a pleasure cruise, and Martin and Niles tag along. The Love Boat it ain’t. *May Be Preempted By NBC’s Coverage Of Major League Baseball Playoffs

Michael Hayes (CBS, TV-PG) Investigating an explosion in a British art gallery, Hayes must build a case against a band of hospitalized Irish terrorists.

Dellaventura (CBS, TV-PG-L) You think Mr. D. is going to sit still after his ex-police partner is murdered? Fuggeddabowdit!

NYPD Blue (ABC, TV-14-LV) Oh, baby: Medavoy’s lesbian breeding partner, Abby, is hurt and her lover killed in an assault, while Gina’s pregnancy grows complicated.

Live From The 10 Spot (MTV, TV-PG) The Rolling Stones inaugurate MTV’s addition of real-time performance to their much-vaunted ”10 Spot.” The commercial-free treat includes an interview by MTV News paterfamilias Kurt Loder.