EW Staff
November 07, 1997 AT 05:00 AM EST

Randall and Klugman may have earned the lion’s share of laughs on The Odd Couple, but the supporting cast members have held their own in the years since the series.

PENNY MARSHALL (MYRNA TURNER): Hired by her brother, executive producer Garry Marshall, for the role of Oscar’s secretary, Marshall went on to star in Laverne & Shirley (a film version is currently in development), then to direct Big, Awakenings, and The Preacher’s Wife. Living in L.A., she has one child, Tracy (whom she raised with ex-husband Rob Reiner), and heads up her own film company, Parkway Productions.

AL MOLINARO (MURRAY THE COP): Although he went on to play the memorable Al Delvecchio (the second owner of Arnold’s Drive-In) in Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, he says, ”People still call [me] Murray the Cop.” Molinaro resides in L.A., where he writes, does theater work, and makes personal appearances.

ELINOR DONAHUE (MIRIAM WELBY): Formerly a teen star of the ’50s’ Father Knows Best, Donahue has appeared in Pretty Woman, Dear God, and as Aunt Lillian on Friends. Married and living in L.A., she now has a recurring role as Michaela’s sister on TV’s Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

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