Josh Wolk
November 10, 1997 AT 05:00 AM EST

Question: Which politicians will always be sneered at as “those actors” by snooty politicos?

Denizens of Capitol Hill recently had a chance to defend their superiority complexes by competing on Jeopardy’s “Power Players Week.” Instead of shooting its usual celebrity series with stars in L.A., the game show headed to D.C. for the first time to host such local talent as Dee Dee Myers, Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Tim Russert. Categories were specially tailored for the Washingtonians’ Constitutionally-minded strengths, with such headings as “Republicans,” “They Also Ran,” and, in Oliver North’s game, “Taking the Fifth.”

The week’s contestants proved that no matter which coast you’re on, winning’s all about mastering your Jeopardy buzzer. Wolf Blitzer reportedly practiced clicking with a ballpoint pen before the show, but others weren’t so adept: “If I’d had a hammer, I would have smashed that clicker into 1,000 pieces,” joked a frustrated former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder.

Whether any of the Power Players had a better showing than such past high-scoring celebrities as Mark McEwen and Cheech Marin is a closely guarded secret, at least until the shows air during the week of November 17th. But a Jeopardy spokesperson allowed that — unlike some past celebrity contestants — all of the D.C. players had earned enough Jeopardy money to compete in the final round. But, of course! Who ever heard of a politician with a deficit?

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