Anna Holmes
December 26, 1997 AT 05:00 AM EST

No year-in-entertainment breakdown would be complete without its share of breakups. Here, some notable ruined romances:

BRAD PITT & GWYNETH PALTROW Term of endearment: Together 2 1/2 years; engaged for seven months. What now? Pitt’s been linked to German director Katja von Garnier, Paltrow to actor Ben Affleck.

MARIAH CAREY & TOMMY MOTTOLA Term of endearment: Together since 1989; married five days shy of four years. What now? Carey’s been linked to Sean ”Puffy” Combs, rapper Q-Tip, and Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter; Mottola is reportedly having a hard time letting the relationship go.

GEENA DAVIS & RENNY HARLIN Term of endearment: Together five years; married four. What now? After divorcing, it was reported Harlin fathered a child with Davis’ ex-assistant while the couple was separated.

JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME & DARCY LAPIER Term of endearment: Together since 1992; married since February 1994; they’ve filed for divorce four times since. What now? No reports about new loves for either LaPier or Van Damme, whom she charges has a cocaine problem that led to his physically abusing her and their son, Nicolas, 2.

JIM CARREY & LAUREN HOLLY Term of endearment: Together since mid-1994; married 10 months; Holly filed for divorce in July. What now? Holly’s reportedly with writer-director Ed Burns; starlet Sherrie Rose claims she had an affair with Carrey.

JERRY SEINFELD & SHOSHANNA LONSTEIN Term of endearment: Together four years; never married. What now? Lonstein is dating Hamptons fixture Jay Aston, 23; Seinfeld, presumably, continues to be the master of his domain.

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