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Sundance announces its 1999 roster, which includes such brand names as Robert Altman and Allison Anders

It’s that time of year again, when visions of three-picture deals dance in the heads of struggling indie filmmakers. The Sundance Film Festival, which will take place in Park City, Utah from January 21 to 31, has announced its 1999 roster of films.

Opening with Robert Altman’s “Cookie Fortune,” this year’s fest features the usual suspects as well as a few Hollywood names thrown in the mix. The new, much hyped movie from Albert and Allen Hughes, “American Pimp,” will be screened, as will Mike Figgis’ “The Loss of Sexual Innocence,” and actor/director Tim Roth’s “The War Zone.”

Other promising entries include “Go” by Doug Liman, the director who brought us “Swingers;” “Sugar Town” by Allison Anders (“Grace of My Heart”) and Kurt Voss (“Border Radio”); “A Walk on the Moon” by actor/director Tony Goldwyn; “The Living Museum” by Jessica Yu, who won the Oscar for her documentary “Breathing Lessons;” and “Joe the King” by actor/director Frank Whaley (“Pulp Fiction”).

If that isn’t enough to convince you to brave the Utah winter, never fear. For film buffs unwilling to fight the throngs of cell phone-weilding movers and schmoozers, the fest is also offering a way to experience the fun via the Net. The Sundance website will include filmmaker photo journals, a live broadcast of the closing ceremonies afterparty, up-to-the-minute newscasts, and even panoramic views of the shindigs and street scenes. Couch potatoes can also tune into the Sundance Channel, which will offer a free preview weekend for cable subscribers on Janury 29 - 31. The channel will screen nearly 100 shorts from past Sundance festivals as well as a look at the 1999 festival.