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As Good As It Gets As Good As It GetsDrama, Comedy, RomancePG-13 1998-01-15Cuba Gooding Jr.

As Good As It Gets

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance; Starring: Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Jack Nicholson, Cuba Gooding Jr.; Director: James L. Brooks; Author: James L. Brooks; MPAA Rating: PG-13

A talky, off-kilter romantic comedy from James L. Brooks that?s neither entirely romantic nor entirely comedic and never finds a confident center. Still, it?s fun to watch Jack Nicholson draw on great reservoirs of bile to play a mean SOB with an obsessive-compulsive disorder who is partially humanized by his contact with Helen Hunt (well, who wouldn?t be?) as a put-upon waitress and single mom. With Greg Kinnear as a sweet gay painter and devoted dog owner.