EW Staff
February 06, 1998 AT 05:00 AM EST

“I just watched Tootsie [Columbia TriStar, 1982] again, the most brilliant movie. I just loved the message that it sent. All these people falling in love with people, and Jessica Lange falling in love with Dustin Hoffman, not knowing that it’s a man, and she’s confused about her feelings — about why she is attracted to this woman. And the father [Charles Durning] falling in love not knowing it’s a man. Dustin, I thought, was brilliant.” — Ellen DeGeneres at the Beverly Hills Hilton party after the Golden Globes

“You know what I just saw again on video, actually, was Tootsie. It was brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant film. It’s very funny, and it’s really moving, and it’s about something. Dustin Hoffman is a genius.” — Julianne Moore, Best Supporting Actress nominee for Boogie Nights, across the room at the same party

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