Lisa Schwarzbaum
February 13, 1998 AT 05:00 AM EST

Animal Husbandry

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Laura Zigman

We gave it a C+

Men aren’t pigs in this single woman’s revenge fantasy; they’re bulls — bulls who, in keeping with the laws of animal behavior, are constantly on the prowl for new cows, having grown bored with each old cow once they’ve had her. Or so goes the clever but ultimately one-joke theory of this light first novel from an alumna of the New York publishing community. In Animal Husbandry, Zigman tells the story of a young TV producer who falls into a swoony affair with her engaged-to-be-married boss, then falls into weepy despair when the weasel (sorry, the bull) dumps her. The author is good, in a women’s-magazine-fiction way, at describing the tempestuous highs and lows of office romance. But she spends too much time citing the biological tidbits she researched and never makes the star bull a credible male human being. C+

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