Joe Dziemianowicz
March 13, 1998 AT 05:00 AM EST

Get ready for that Puffy remix of ”Love Is Like a Butterfly.” It’s the inevitable next step now that butterflies — well-worn symbols of metamorphosis and new beginnings — are the reigning monarchs of music and fashion. Designers such as Givenchy have gone conspicuously batty for the bugs, and Sarah Michelle Gellar has been photographed sporting a butter-fly nestled between her breasts (see last week’s EW on page 20).

They appear as motifs on the covers of recent Mariah Carey and Erykah Badu CDs, Teri Hatcher wore them in her hair at the People’s Choice Awards, and it’s a butterfly hair comb that triggers Gloria Stuart‘s memory in Titanic.

Far and away, the designers most taken with love of lepidoptera are Dolce & Gabbana. So captivated were the Italian duo by the insects they saw fluttering about while on summer vacation in Stromboli that their spring line features butterflies on everything from dresses to stiletto straps. ”We were inspired by how fresh and light they are,” says Domenico Dolce. ”We wanted that feeling in our clothes.”

So does Drew Barrymore. For The Wedding Singer, the actress insisted her character wear a jacket emblazoned with a butterfly. ”It’s kidlike, innocent, and sweet,” says Mona May, Wedding‘s costume designer. ”Drew found it and brought it in because she’s really into butterflies.” No kidding. In her 1995 movie Mad Love, Barrymore’s buggy alter ego netted herself a butterfly ring, kite, and ink stamps. And that butterfly tattooed below Barrymore’s belly button is proof positive that her love for the winged wonders is, well, more than skin deep.

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