Tricia Laine
March 13, 1998 AT 05:00 AM EST

Free your mind with some of the touchy-feely things that make Hollywoodites one with Mother Earth.

FENG SHUI Ancient Chinese art of placement and design. Super-popular with struggling scribes who think if they put their couch in the right spot, they’ll sell that screenplay.

KABBALAH The obscure branch of Judaism that emphasizes the link between self and the universe. How everyone from Madonna to Courtney Love gets mystical.

KRAV MAGA The Israeli army’s ”no rules” method of self-defense; L.A. players like producers and publicists are forsaking lunch at the Ivy for a quick course in street fighting.

MEHNDI Indian body painting a la fake tattooing that looks cool, doesn’t hurt, and is shown off by Neve Campbell in the upcoming Wild Things.

TIBETAN MEDICINE BRACELET A woven cuff of copper, nickel, and gold that’s popular throughout India and Asia. It balances the energy in your body — and is the quickest way to make a spiritual connection at Barfly.

WHOLE FOODS The healthy supermarkets in star-spangled Beverly Hills and Brentwood, where you might bump carts with Jodie Foster in the tofu aisle.

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