David Hochman
April 24, 1998 AT 04:00 AM EDT

April 14 was the 86th anniversary of the sinking of the unsinkable boat. A little research shows that 14 is a significant number for Titanic in several other ways.

·The coordinates where the ship sank in the North Atlantic: 41[degrees] 16′ N 50[degrees] 14′ W

·Titanic‘s U.S. premiere took place Dec. 14 at L.A.’s Mann’s Chinese Theatre, which has 1,492 seats (and 1492 was the year Columbus crossed the Atlantic, Titanic‘s resting place)

·Titanic has 14 separate opening credits

·Titanic‘s running time: 3 hrs., 14 min.

·Titanic‘s biggest one-day take was on Feb. 14 ($13,048,711)

·Titanic set the record for consecutive weekends as No. 1 in its 14th week

·Titanic hit the $500 million mark at the end of its 14th week (its gross that day: $1.4 million)

·Titanic beat Star Wars as the biggest-grossing film in history on March 14

·Titanic got 14 Academy Award nods

·”My Heart Will Go On” is the 14th cut on the soundtrack

·And millions of 14-year-olds helped make Titanic the hit it is.

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