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Isn't She Iconic?

Pop star Alanis Morissette returns to the spotlight

Alanis Morissette

(Kate Garner)

Since her 1995 blockbuster debut, “Jagged Little Pill,” the only new material from Alanis Morissette has been “Uninvited,” the chart-topping single from the “City of Angels” soundtrack. But now Alanis is returning in spades, with a new song getting radio play, a 12-city club tour that began last week in Santa Cruz, Calif., and an album, “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie,” due in stores Nov. 3. Of her three year absence, Alanis says she needed to take a breather after the lengthy tour in support of “Jagged,” which sold a staggering 16 million copies in the U.S.

“I was very much into not being in the spotlight anymore. I was living my own life, getting my music back,” Morissette recalls in an interview on the just released “City of Angels” DVD. Soon after Warner Bros. showed her a rough cut of the movie, however, the 24 year-old singer wrote and recorded “Uninvited” for the soundtrack album. “I was just so inspired by (the movie). I was going through certain things of my own, and it just coincided at the same time. I wanted ‘Uninvited’ to be about myself and have it be something that gives an idea of what the character is communicating as well.”

Morissette will need divine intervention to duplicate the success of “Jagged Little Pill.” But some say it’s not only unrealistic to expect “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie” to sell another 16 million, it’s unnecessary. “Even if she ends up selling 5 million, it’ll be a success,” observes John McAlley, EW’s music editor. “These days even 2 to 3 million is a big achievement. If an album sells 5 million, you’re talking about a different category of success altogether.”