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The WB's president of entertainment Garth Ancier will probably jump to a big job at NBC

Another shake-up has hit the network executive suites, this time at the fledgling WB Network where entertainment president Garth Ancier is exiting.

Ancier, 41, is expected to become entertainment president of NBC. However, the WB is going to make him honor his contract through next May as an executive consultant. Susanne Daniels, the longtime No. 2 at the WB, becomes entertainment president and has a new five-year deal.

This marks the third time in the last several weeks that the networks have seen major staff shuffling. First, NBC topper Warren Littlefield was shown the door, followed by Fox entertainment chief Peter Roth. But unlike those two, Ancier is leaving on his own accord. NBC will not comment on speculation that Ancier will wind up at the Peacock.

Now, ABC entertainment president Jamie Tarses, who used to be known as embattled ABC president, is the most senior of the six network entertainment heads. Who would have bet on that?