Sandra P. Angulo
June 10, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

In the effects-laden series finale of ”Deep Space Nine” (which aired last weekend), the characters ended up scattered across the Alpha Quadrant, possibly waiting for their feature-film debut. But Nana Visitor, who starred as the Bajoran warrior Col. Kira Nerys for the show’s seven-year run, tells EW Online that she’s not expecting a big-screen offer, even though ”Next Generation” spawned three. ”I really doubt there’ll be a movie. They’ll go from the ‘Next Generation’ cast to the ‘Voyager’ cast. Once again we’ll be the passed-over middle child,” Visitor says, referring to the cast’s complaints that the Star Trek empire’s youngest show, ”Voyager,” received more publicity and studio support than ”DS9.” ”They could pick us all up from our different worlds, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

But with hundreds of Internet chat groups, fan clubs, and annual conferences devoted to ”DS9” (and in some cases to just Colonel Kira), who needs a big-budget blockbuster? Visitor, whose husband, Alexander Siddig, played Dr. Julian Bashir on the show, appears at Trekkie conventions but refuses to check out the websites, like Trekseek and Nanites. ”I never wanted to take the attention too personally, and looking at the Web all the time would have been too much,” she says. ”It’s about the show’s phenomenon, not me.”

But the 41-year-old actress knows firsthand how important obsessive fans are, especially when it comes to extensive knowledge of the complex story lines. ”Historically, Trekkers have known more than the actors. I’ve been told some of the most important plot changes by fans. They even told me that Michael Dorn (”Next Generation”’s Worf, who joined in 1995) was coming on the show — I had no idea,” she recalls, adding, ”I’m surprised they didn’t tell me three years ago, ‘Nana did you know you’re pregnant?”’ Visitor, who has two boys, Django, 2, and Buster, 7, laughs, ”They just know everything.”

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