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Dan Snierson
June 11, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

With concert-ticket prices rising faster than Britney Spears’ profile, Limp Bizkit has an exciting offer you can’t refuse: Come see us play for the low, low price of… free!

You heard right: These chart-topping hip-hop/metal dudes are planning to celebrate the release of their new CD, ”Significant Other” (in stores June 22), by playing a handful of secret — and gratis — gigs across the U.S. from June 11 to 18, and they’re even going to give out free CDs at the shows. But there IS one catch: You won’t find out where they’ll be playing until local radio stations announce the locations just hours before each performance.

In the tradition of kamikaze concerts by the Beatles and Metallica, Bizkit will invade public rooftops and streets without getting the proper permits to perform, so the events will likely end in police shutdowns and/or arrests. ”I can see just (being able to play) half a song some days, but then again, to get out three or four good ones, that’s going to be dope, man, like U2’s ‘Where the Streets Have No Name,”’ Bizkit frontman Fred Durst tells EW Online. ”It’s all for the fans. They’re the reason we’re here. And they’ll never forget this.” Don’t worry about the band members having to spend too much time behind bars, though. ”We’re ready,” confides Durst, who was unwilling to name the specific towns they’ll be visiting. ”We’ve got an attorney in every city.”

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