Mary Kaye Schilling and Mike Flaherty
June 11, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

AL Godfather star Al Pacino — no last name necessary

BADA BING (a.k.a. The Bing) The roadside strip club Tony’s crew uses as headquarters
THE BELT Tony’s father’s ”favorite child development tool”
BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO Movie aesthete Christopher’s personal nirvana: ”That smell in Blockbuster? That candy and carpet smell? I get high on it.”
BOO-BOO Prostitute; Christopher says of Russian boo-boos, ”Throw in a little foreplay and they’ll detail your car.”
BOWDOIN COLLEGE One of the stops Tony and Meadow make on a college-scouting trip to Maine. Not surprisingly, Tony finds the school’s Nathaniel Hawthorne-penned motto (”No man can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be true”) of particular interest.

CAMPBELL’S SOUP Carmela keeps extra cash in screw-top ”can safe” (minestrone, natch).
CAPUANO, MARIOLINA Deceased acquaintance whom Junior visits at her wake; over her casket he touchingly recalls an intimate childhood encounter (she gave him his first experience with digital gratification)
COFFEE CHAINS Further evidence (along with pizza parlors, imported olive oil, etc.) to Paulie of the rape of the Italian culture: ”We invented this s—, and all these other c—suckers are getting rich off it.”
COMARE (also goomah) Slang for girlfriend or mistress; Tony’s is Irina, a Russian girl many years younger than his wife; Junior keeps mistress Bobbi San Fillipo (a secretary for the Joint Fitters’ Union) — that is, until she gossips to her manicurist about his particular prowess in the sack. (see also Oral Sex)
COME HEAVY To pack heat; after a disagreement, Uncle Junior suggests Tony do so at any future meetings.
COMLEY TRUCKING One of Junior’s ”legitimate” business concerns
COOPER, GARY Tony’s idea of a real man: ”The strong, silent type. He wasn’t in touch with his feelings, he just did what he had to do.”
COWBOY-ITIS Implies reckless behavior that leads to getting caught; Tony accuses Christopher of this after he offs a Czech gangster and shoots a bakery counter boy in the foot.

CUOMO, MARIO Meadow sarcastically cites the former New York governor when Tony, by way of justifying his Mob lineage, says, ”Italian people didn’t have a lot of options.”
CUSAMANO, BRUCE Doctor neighbor of Tony’s, who refers him to Dr. Melfi (see also Wonder Bread Wop)
CZECHOSLOVAKIAN ”That’s some kind of a Polack, right?” says Christopher before blowing one’s brains out.

DIMEO FAMILY New Jersey Mafia clan the Sopranos belong to — though, according to the feds, the Sopranos also have ”historic ties to the New York family”
DUCKS Water birds, two of which camp out — and have ducklings — in Tony’s pool; their departure (symbolic of a loss of youth and innocence) provokes his first panic attack and an odd dream in which they fly off with his penis (symbolizing, according to Melfi, his figurative castration by his mother).

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