Gillian Flynn
June 18, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Rebels in White Gloves: Coming of Age With Hillary's Class -- Wellesley '69

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We gave it a B+

Neither entirely about rebels nor much about Mrs. Clinton, Horn’s book, Rebels in White Gloves: Coming of Age with Hillary’s Class — Wellesley ’69, is nonetheless a bristling account of how ’60s feminism rousted the once-tame denizens of Wellesley. After graduation, Dorothy Devine flew to Cuba to work the cane with newfound comrades. Lonny Laszlo Higgins set sail, literally, for years of medical volunteer work. Others stayed home with kids or smacked against glass ceilings. Horn tracks her subjects through 30 twisting years of sacrifices, compromises, and occasional good fortune. The dozens of women can be difficult to keep straight, and Horn risks belaboring her points by including so many. With the richness of the material, however, one can hardly blame her. B+

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