Josh Wolk
June 29, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

ON TOUR Screaming in America is about to get a whole lot louder: Ricky Martin has announced his U.S. tour, which begins on Oct. 21 in Miami and will run through the end of November. Meanwhile, he just wrapped the video for his new single, ”She’s All I Ever Had.”

CASTING Claudia Schiffer isn’t giving up on this acting thing: She’s joined Jeff Goldblum and Salma Hayek in the crime comedy ”Shiny New Enemies”…. Chazz Palminteri and Bruno Kirby (”City Slickers”) will team for ”Peppermint Lounge,” a black comedy about two ex-cop buddies whose can’t-miss shady business opportunity misses badly.

OUT OF COMMISSION The Foo Fighters is the second band to drop out of Woodstock ’99 (after Aerosmith). The group claimed the cancellation came because it was too busy finishing up its new album, but a festival source told Allstar News that the Foos had to bail because guitar player Franz Stahl wouldn’t be available, and he may have left the group for good. A spokesperson for the Fighters denies that explanation.

UNCLEAR EXPLANATION Details are emerging about Michael Jackson‘s hospitalization after his charity concert in Munich on Sunday night, and they’re as divergent as he is. Reuters reports that police say he had collapsed from exhaustion, but a hospital spokesperson told the Associated Press that he had suffered minor burns from fireworks set off during the show. (Jackson has proved his flammability before, during the infamous 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot.) Whatever really happened, he was released on Monday morning.

LOOKING GOOD Madonna and Lauryn Hill have the look, at least according to Vogue magazine. The two singers were included in the mag’s 100 Best Dressed List, along with Foxy Brown, Brandy, and PJ Harvey.

OFF THE SLATE Two Janis Joplin biopics have been touted for years as going before the cameras any… day… now. But now one of them is dead again: Director Gary Fleder (”Kiss the Girls”) has officially backed out of ”Piece of My Heart” after creative differences with the producers at Lakeshore Entertainment, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Brittany Murphy (”Clueless,” Luanne’s voice in ”King of the Hill”) was supposed to have played the singer in this version.

REEL DEALS Phil Alden Robinson (”Field of Dreams”) will direct Danny Glover in the TNT TV movie ”Freedom Song,” which follows a young Mississippi lad who joins the fight to abolish Jim Crow laws…. Director John Boorman is cowriting a film adaptation of the John Le Carre thriller ”The Tailor of Panama” with the author himself.

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