Josh Wolk
July 09, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

HELPING Tending to the wounded isn’t exactly punk rock, but Courtney Love and Hole did it anyway, on Thursday when they were driving to Calgary and saw a car flip over. The band brought the two injured passengers into their tour bus and tended to them until an ambulance arrived. Love also reportedly gave them tickets to her upcoming concert at the Calgary Edgefest.

BAD SHOW When Britney Spears performed at the Day in the Garden festival on the original Woodstock site on July 4, it was quite an abrupt love-fest. Spears didn’t have her full band and sang with DAT backup, and some technical difficulties led to her only performing for 20 minutes, disappointing many fans who had been warming up their vocal chords for weeks so they could scream for her for at least an hour. Spears was nothing if not apologetic. ”I’ll be very, very, honest. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be saying this,” she told MTV News. ”But I wasn’t even supposed to do the show, because… I wanted to have my full band, and I wanted to have my full show for these people, and the way it worked out, they said I had to do the show. But there was no way we could get… my full set there and do a full show…. I had to work with what I had, and I had no control over it, and I apologize.” Awww… who can stay mad at her?

GO EAST, YOUNG HOST Jerry Springer is bringing high culture to the UK, hosting a 10-episode series called ”Jerry Springer in Britain” with all English guests, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (So if you’ve ever wondered what the word ”ho” sounds like with a cockney accent, now you’ll know.) A spokesperson for the British production company says that Springer’s old fighting ways probably won’t fly on England’s ITV network either, so his show will be just as punch-free as his current American TV program is.

REUNION EXTENSION The Black Sabbath reunion was supposed to end in early August at a London show, but Ozzy and Co. have decided to keep collectively banging their heads back in America for another month, according to MTV News. Their mini-U.S. tour begins on Aug. 2 in Biloxi, Miss.

FESTIVAL BONUS Attendees of Woodstock ’99 will have a place to go if they’re tired of all that pesky music: The festival has teamed with the Independent Film Channel to convert an airplane hangar on the concert site into a movie theater, where classic movies like ”Blue Velvet” and ”Easy Rider” will be shown.

MEDIA MOGUL Oprah Winfrey is expanding her grip on the media world by announcing that she will launch her own magazine in March 2000. The new mag, which will be published by Hearst, doesn’t have a name yet, but it will be aimed at women in their 30s.

RERUN PAYDAY ”Mad About You” has cemented its reputation as a ”chick show” now that Lifetime has paid around $58 million for the cable-syndication rights to the sitcom starting in 2002. (Reruns will still air on broadcast networks.) ”Women have always loved that show and find the relationship fascinating,” Lifetime senior VP Dawn Tarnofsky told Variety.

SICK TIME Elton John canceled three outdoor concerts in England this weekend because of an ear infection. It’s not the first gig that his bad ear has cost him: He had to back out of playing at Victoria Adams’ (that’s Posh Spice to you) wedding last Sunday.

REEL DEALS Bill Condon, the writer/director of ”Gods and Monsters,” is sticking with real-life protagonists: He will next be directing a film based on the Bess Myerson story, tracing her rise from Miss America to scandal-plagued political candidate…. ”Tarzan” director Kevin Lima will work with more animals on his next movie, but this time they’ll be the three-dimensional kind. He’ll direct the sequel ”102 Dalmatians,” with Glenn Close reprising her 1996 role as Cruella DeVille.

CONTROVERSIAL VOICE Internet busybody Matt Drudge has been given his own talk show on the ABC Radio Networks (airing weekly starting this Sunday night), and this new hire has ABC News chief David Westin irked, according to Variety. Westin does not control ABC Radio, but he reportedly tried to block the deal, saying that he didn’t want Drudge associated with the network’s TV news. A spokesperson for the radio network said that Drudge’s show would be presented as entertainment, not news.

TARDY DETECTIVE WORK It’s a little late to do anything about it, but the ex-girlfriend of late Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones is saying that his death in 1969 did not come from drowning while swimming under the influence of drugs and alcohol: He was killed and dumped in the pool. Anna Wohlin just published a new book, ”The Murder of Brian Jones,” in which she claims that Jones had mostly kicked his illicit habits at the time of his death, and that a builder, Frank Thorogood, had killed him over a disagreement about work he was doing at Jones’ farm. Thorogood died in 1994, and on his deathbed he reportedly confessed to the murder. Wohlin apparently waited so long to state her case because when it happened ”I was in such shock that I was sick. Then I repressed it — I got married,” she told the Swedish paper Expressen.

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