EW Staff
July 30, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It’s mere weeks before the debut issue, but Tina Brown’s upcoming magazine, Talk, has already received the highest compliment: a parody website. Talkmagazine.net (www.talkmagazine.net) hit the wires Friday, July 16, as a cheeky doppelganger of the enigmatic, hyped-to-the-Miramax glossy. There’s a Hillary Clinton Q&A (but with the Senate hopeful interviewing Brown instead of the other way around), a QuickTime video that features the divine Ms. Brown rapping out buzzwords, and another video showing an eager fan camping out beside a newsstand, Phantom Menace-style. ”Talk has become the Star Wars of magazines, so we thought it’d be fun to take out some air,” the site’s editor, Michael Colton, a 23-year-old senior writer at Brill’s Content, says of his strictly personal project. Miramax didn’t get the joke: Within hours, the company’s lawyers had the site shut down for possible trademark infringement. Before the end of the day, however, Brown and friends had called off the lawyers, and the website went live again. ”Tina thought it was hilarious,” confirms Talk‘s director of publicity, Hilary Bass. Yes, but can she rap?

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